Just when you thought the Eddie for 9 CEO
campaign couldn’t get bigger or sillier, it has. According to the Daily Telegraph, it’s
really just a stepping stone in a bigger game: Eddie McGuire for PM.

Under the heading “Is Sydney ready for
Juggernaut Eddie?”, Michael Bodey writes in the Daily Telegraph:

For a self-proclaimed “battler” from
the rough end of town, it should be too much. Knockers suggest Eddie McGuire’s
imminent move to become CEO of the Nine network will place him “above his

They underestimate McGuire – the
ambitious journalist who has designs on becoming prime minister.

“He has an ambition ultimately to be
prime minister – seriously,” one colleague said.

“That’s the reason he got involved in
the republican movement – to set himself up for a possible tilt down the

And on and on the full-page feature runs.
For the sake of non-Collingwood fans, we would like to spare you the rest, but
some of the “9 things to know about Eddie” break-out box are too good to miss:

  • He still tries to makes (sic) time
    during the day to zip home to play with son Joseph.
  • He was christened Edward and is called
    Ed by close friends.
  • His best mates are Working Dog’s Rob
    Sitch and Jane Kennedy; he and wife Carla holiday overseas with them.
  • Kerri-Anne Kennerley dragged him away
    from a potential stoush at the opening of Crown Casino.

OK, we’ll stop. Enough. But I think the story and the box answers the
headline’s question: No, we’re not.