Adelaide’s Matt and Dave Show continues to roll out with the good-cop, bad-cop formula. Pushing the envelope yesterday State Opposition leader Rob Kerin had just seconds to answer the question from bad-cop Matthew Abraham: “Will you give up the drink?“

Abraham attempted to water down the drink issue by claiming “it’s not a suggestion you have a drinking problem but Bob Hawke said to the people of Australia.”

An ABC source says the phones went “white hot” after the booze question. Yes, Kerin likes a drink and there’s been some talk – but no confirmed stories of wild binges or embarrassing incidents recently. But hey, this is a rumour and Adelaide thrives on that.

What’s irked both sides of politics is that Kerin was caught completely off guard and was thrown the spanner in the seconds leading to the cross to the ABC News. Why wasn’t it raised with more time to discuss the issue?

Listeners were left with an impression Rob Kerin had a drinking problem and this was Matt Abraham nailing him about it. Both Labor and Liberal are worried about the interviewing tactic. Within minutes it was a hot topic at the cafés and restaurants on North Terrace.

The Libs say they aren’t lodging a formal complaint and this morning a spokesman said: “Rob’s making no comment and is focused on the issues in the community.”

In fairness, will Abraham ask the Premier Mike Rann the same question?