Mark Davis…

“kinda looked interesting…”

follow up to Gangland – “if only I had time – keep an ongoing file…back of my mind”

“clippings file of all the various appointments”

“also I think it’s there’s just this ongoing issue of cultural XX…
interested in what’s driving it in the bacground… a staisis… the
conversation has parted company with the forms of official media… age
tele, smh, ABC one kind of conversation but less and less to do with
the cultural convesraion that’s going on. more and more to do with
press releases…”



” a big part of it. one of the interesting things there. What can you
do with a blog. You can’t actually do proper journalism with a blog.
Can’t do all the backgrounsd stuff. Feed off the mainstream media. Feed
off the mainstream media. Derivative….”

dialogue – conversation less political stuff – things like food blogs
– why would you need epicure when you’ve got this conversation going
on… it’s migrating online…

not just blogs but also chatrooms – can follow your interests… peer to peer this stuff now…

the majors just haven’t got their head around – flattening out of the cultural conversation …

Hugh Martin – the Oz… working on something…

what worries me aboutt he “f* off argument” the paradigm shifts going
on are much much deeper. print to online. Away from free-to-air TV.
Podcasting. …

partly technological partly cultural… people much more sceptical of mainstream media forms…

hunger across the politcial spectrum for something stirred up by Tim Blair…

Tim Dunlop, the Road to Surfdom – hit the nail on the head – let’s
face it the conservative blogosphere in Australia has a population of
one… struggling…

positive feedback from baby boomers… a lot of them are still
thinking..trying to move forwards themselves…”need to go back to
first principles and reinvent the culture…”

“not a kick out the old guys philosophy. let’s make room for everyone.
Can’t argue against racism and sexism and then have ageism” “fun to
make shots at their expense.”

“let’s use you as a resource. let’s open up the culture so you can actually use those to foster what’s coming next…”

I’ve had a very superficial glance at it, but no time for much more …
has the ground shifted? That’s an interesting question. Yes and no; Kerry O’B,
George N, Laurie O, Peter Craven et al seem more sinecured than ever. For me the
problem’s not so much baby-boomers as the moribund nature of the culture in
general, and a collective failure to, put it in a nutshell, move on from endless
feature articles about the Beatles. It’s like being stuck in the middle of one
big seventies supergroup reunion tour. That said, there’s some good young
journos moving through now, a few academics too, who look like we might,
together, give things a shake. Whether Heath’s book is any good or not, it
sounds like at least it’s part of that process (though I confess I do worry
about the ‘fuck off’ bit – I don’t mind a bit of fun-poking and finger waving at
bb arrogance, but nevertheless tried to keep out and out anti-bb stuff pretty
low-inflammability in GL – for me the real issues are deeper than that). The
question is, will those that hold the purse strings/set the paradigms, give the
next shift a go to do things differently (as, for example, the new generation of
doco makers is doing – or, indeed, your good selves), or are they just pretty
faces to prop in front of the cameras?

I’m flat out today, but give me a ring if you want to talk more (number
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