Fairfax chairman Ron Walker told the Fin Review over the weekend
that the publisher had ruled out any interest in buying a free-to-air
broadcaster: “Free-to-air is not our game, it’s a mature business now
and our sights are set on new technologies.”

But is Fairfax putting together its own TV network – on the internet?
Have a look at this ad (below) in Saturday’s papers for new employment
opportunities at Fairfax Digital. The most interesting job description
is for a Senior Production Operator who will run day to day operations
of a Sydney production facility and source video stories from news
feeds and Fairfax generated content.

Digital Chief Operating Officer Mike Game told Crikey today that
Fairfax will “continue to aggressively grow our video and production
capabilities.” We don’t need a free-to-air licence to reach readers, he
said – they can be reached by broadband instead and “more Australians
rely on Fairfax for online news than any other publisher.”