Just a thought: With Indigenous Affairs now gone to Mal Brough, is DIMIA now just DIM?
above her station:
Is former Victorian MP Leonie Burke the only parliamentary staffer with
her own website? “Leonie Burke has dedicated her life to
working within all three spheres of Australian government, and the people and
businesses with which they interact,” www.leonieburke.com says. Well, fair
enough if she wants to run for a seat again – but the site lists her parliamentary
phone, fax and email details as contacts. Strange…

Dictionary of quotations: The leadership contest in the British
Liberal Democrats has produced countless tales of s*xual perversion –
and popularised one very quotable quote. “The higher the baboon goes up
the tree, the more we see of his ar*e,” leadership wannabe Simon Hughes
told the Financial Times. It’s “unusual… but genuine,” according to The Independent.
It’s also a fantastic line on the frailty of politicians. But is it
original? While we ransack various dictionaries of quotations, can any
readers help? Any clues to [email protected], please.