The latest revelations about Adelaide’s officially
opened, yet not quite fully functioning, you beaut pride and joy airport are
just adding contaminated fuel to the fire of rumours.

“All that stuff about contaminated fuel
lines it’s just a smokescreen,” says one construction industry insider. The public’s been told since October that the
problem was only days away from being fixed but it’s now harder than ever to ignore the rumours that Qantas has
briefed its staff to the effect that there’ll be no move into the new building until at least

The word is that some of the floors in
the walkways are warped, windows pop in the heat, security doors won’t shut and
the software involved in the new building doesn’t work. But wait, there’s more. Since November, construction industry
insiders have been saying Adelaide Airport has been trying to delay the
inevitable rather than
immediately do what’s needed which is dig up the fuel line and replace it
because it’s been laid wrongly.

The Adelaide Advertiser reported at the
weekend that Rex Airlines, which moved in months ago, has written to Adelaide
Airport and MPs
comparing walkways “ to prison walkways and cattle ramps” and complaining of “gross errors
in planning and actual construction.”

That adds to the other rumour that the
construction was rush job. Airport management had made a big song and
dance that the construction was six months ahead of schedule. Passengers can expect more delays.