Meet Trevor Flugge, AWB’s former chairman, and his global
sales chief Michael Long – the pair now accused of having
intimate knowledge of the $300 million AWB Iraq scandal
are captured in all their gun-totin’, sunburnt, beer-bellied glory in The Sydney Morning
, the front page displaying various unfortunate photos documenting their time on business in Iraq.

Also looking bad, Alexander Downer’s Department
of Foreign Affairs, after the AWB inquiry learnt that a document alerting the Government to possible kickbacks in AWB’s Iraq
contracts was sent from Baghdad well over two years ago.

“Canberra knew
of kickbacks,” screams The Australian‘s
front page story also focusing on the explosive evidence presented to the Cole inquiry
yesterday. But don’t worry, the PM is feeling just fine about it all: “If I’m
called (to give appear at the inquiry), I’ll happily go. If Mr Downer is
called, he’ll go. And if Mr Vaile or anyone else is called, they’ll go,” John
Howard told 3AW this morning, reported in The Age.

And it seems the corruption didn’t stop at Iraq, with another
former senior sales manager claiming AWB was also involved in “innovative
arrangements” in Indonesia, Mexico and Bangladesh, reportsThe Age.

Meanwhile, in the US,
George W Bush has taken his anti-oil addiction show on the road, reportsThe Oz. But instead of being
met with more standing ovations, he’s finding plenty of sceptics and a sense of
unease over the direction of the country.

Don’t open that mail! Today is D-Day for a dangerous new
computer virus
spread worldwide via email that destroys PC files, reports The SMH.

The Daily Telegraph
is all about NSW’s teen killers – the two 14 year-old girls who murdered a disabled
taxi driver in Sydney for… what?
His mobile, it seems.

Why was repeat offender William John Watkins free to kill
the Irwin sisters? asks the Herald Sun
today, after the girls’ grieving father angrily posed
the same question yesterday:
“It’s a joke. When some clown does it again and does it again, what are they waiting
for to realise he’s not suitable to be in society?”

George W Bush isn’t the only one spruiking maths and science
as invaluable to future productivity, the South Australian Opposition thinks it’s crucial, too, reportsThe Advertiser.

The ACT Coroner wants to temporarily withhold a report on the role
played in last year’s death of university student Clea Rose – struck by
a stolen car that police were pursuing in Civic – suggesting a possible
inquest, reportsThe Canberra Times.

A picture of Peter Beattie checking his watch on the Courier-Mail‘s front page corroborates
the report that the beleaguered Premier is “just marking time” until the dark cloud of Queensland’s
hospital crisis passes, before calling a state election.

In Tassie, state Liberals are scrambling to distance
themselves from their party’s administrative wing after revelations it took
donations from tobacco giant Philip Morris, saysThe Mercury.

And Darwin’s $1.1
billion waterfront development was shut down indefinitely yesterday, reports the Northern Territory
, after a 23-year-old electrician was killed in an accident on the project site.