Ever since Big Kim promised to be “shorter in the way in which I talk about politics”, he’s been more verbose than ever.

Check out this sound kilobite (the equivalent of 1000 normal sound bites):

The point is what Cole cannot do under his terms of
reference is burrow down into the behaviours of ministers and the
department, to work out exactly what their level of culpability is. It
doesn’t fit his conditions.

So the ministers and the departmental officials can appear and then
wait for the heat that’s been put on AWB members. What they don’t have
to do is answer to themselves. This is a flawed… the terms of reference
for this Royal Commission are seriously flawed.

And I’ll tell you this. If he can’t get them changed, we will burrow
down ourselves. We will go back to Parliament, because they can’t
defraud, if you like, our Question Time capacities and after the next
election, if they’ve not got to the bottom of this, because they’re
Royal Commission terms have been inadequate, we’ll put on our own…

He could have said:

Cole’s terms of reference don’t extend to examining what
ministers and their departments did. They don’t have to answer
questions at the inquiry, which is a serious flaw. If the Government
won’t extend the terms of reference, we’ll be asking questions in
Question Time, and if we win the next election we’ll hold another Royal
Commission with extended powers.

Just 59 words vs the original 144 – that’s a hefty saving of 85 words,
or according to today’s Windbag Watch, Beazley’s still being at least
59% too loquacious.

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