The emails keep pouring in for our lists tracking where politicians
come from and this email from a student politician might explain
why the NSW Greens are so much more radical and to the left than their
colleagues around the country:

Senator Kerry Nettle, from the Greens, was active in SRC
politics at the University of New South Wales in the mid-90s and
a National Union of Students delegate in 1995. She was a participant
in the Non-Aligned Left, a radical left anarchist faction whose
“membership” included NSW Greens powerbroker Andrew Bourke.

The Non-Aligned Left was an interesting political experiment – the
faction only lasted a few years before collapsing with the loss of its
leadership in 1999. What is interesting is to note that many of its
participants transitioned from the vicious factional battleground of
NUS politics into becoming the new young factional heavies of the
Greens in NSW.

My enduring memory of Kerry was her tactic to reduce stress levels
within the excruciating democracy of consensus decisionmaking; she
used to sit in caucus and knit. I think one particularly gruesome
national NUS conference, she churned out a whole sweater.

Check out the burgeoning student politicians lists here and it is also
interesting to note that yet another unionist is set to sit on the
Parliamentary leather with Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous
Workers Union national president Helen Creed tipped to win preselection
for Geoff Gallop’s safe seat of Victoria Park on Wednesday night.

And the list
of former councillors in Parliament now has more than 150 names, so
keep all the corrections and additions coming to [email protected]