US President George W Bush says America must break its dependence
on Middle East oil in his State of the Union address to Congress,
delivered as Crikey was going to press.

“America is addicted to oil which is often imported from unstable parts
of the world,” Bush is expected to say, according to Forbes magazine. He
was expected to call for increased federal research into alternative
fuels such as ethanol made from weeds or wood chips instead of corn.

according to Forbes, he will push for construction of new nuclear power
plants, increased use of wind and solar power and clean coal

In speech excerpts released by the White House, Bush also called for a
continued projection of American power and influence in a world still
shaking from the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and is advocating
anew for the U.S. to lead a history-shaping effort to “end tyranny in
our world.”

Bush describes 2006 as a “decisive year” and a crossroads between a
confident internationalism and an isolationism that would only invite
more terror to American shores.

And the president is also calling for training for 70,000 maths and science teachers to improve the nation’s competitiveness.