The following looks at the ten biggest donors to the national divisions
of the four major parties in 2004-05. It excludes umbrella groups like
John Curtin House, the Free Enterprise Foundation and the Cormack
Foundation, which are used to funnel many millions into the major
parties from undisclosed sources.

Liberal Party (National)

The British Lord has blown everyone out of the water and the Ingham
brothers have jumped higher than usual. Village Roadshow was the
biggest single Liberal donor in the late 1990s and they are back with a
vengeance, although Labor got the same. Frank Lowy is behind Croissy
and the generosity from Wesfarmers is interesting given the bunfight
behind Peter Costello and BCA President Michael Chaney at the moment:

Lord Michael Ashcroft KCMG – $1,000,000.00
Inghams Enterprises Pty Ltd – $200,000.00
Pratt Holdings Pty Ltd – $200,000.00
Village Roadshow Limited – $200,000.00
Croissy Pty Limited – $175,000.00
ANZ Banking Group Ltd – $100,000.00
Mistral International Pty Ltd – $100,000.00
Walker Corporation Pty Ltd – $100,000.00
Wesfarmers Ltd – $100,000.00
JP Morgan Administrative Services Pty Ltd – $82,500.00

Total Receipts:$29,477,988.00

ALP (National)

How ironic that the CFMEU have $670,000 in total yet the Tasmanian
forestry division ended up causing so much damage siding with John
Howard over forest policy. The Ten Network was the largest media donor,
although the Liberals got the same. Billionaires such as Frank Lowy and
Dick Pratt like to play both sides of the street:

CFMEU Mining & Energy Division – $470,000.00
Shop Distributive & Allied Employees’ Association – $300,000.00
CFMEU Construction & General Division, National Office – $200,000.00
Village Roadshow Limited – $200,000.00
Westfield Capital Corporation Ltd – $175,000.00
Canberra Tradesmen’s Union Club – $120,000.00
AMWU – $100,000.00
Inghams Enterprises Pty Ltd – $100,000.00
Pratt Holdings Pty Ltd – $100,000.00
Network Ten Pty Limited – $75,000.00

Total receipts:$29,989,686.00

National Party (National)

Poor old Larry Anthony loses his seat in 2004 and is no longer
Children’s Minister, but Eddie Groves, CEO of the company which
benefits more than any other from childcare handouts, ABC Learning,
donates $50,000 to his old party and invites him onto the board of ABC
Learning. Lovely stuff. Philip Morris really spreads it around all the
different conservative divisions.

Curlew Nominee Trust – $130,000.00
Mr Edmund Stuart Groves – $50,000.00
LFG Holdings Pty Limited – $25,000.00
Adstream Marine Limited – $20,000.00
CSR Limited – $20,000.00
Philip Morris Limited – $20,000.00
Pratt Holdings Pty Ltd – $20,000.00
Coles Myer Ltd – $17,500.00
Coca Cola Amatil – $15,000.00
Cubbie Station – $15,000.00

Total receipts:$1,590,668.00

Australian Democrats (National)

It used to be the grog industry that propped up the Democrats when they
were looking for support on things like beer excise, but clearly the
pharmaceutical lobby have replaced them as the dwindling party’s major

AMWU – $15,000.00
Medicines Australia Incorporated – $13,750.00
Master Builders Association of Victoria – $12,500.00
Jefferson Investments Pty Limited – $10,000.00
Pfizer Australia Pty Limited – $10,000.00
Capitol Research Pty Ltd – $5,500.00
Metcash Trading Limited – $5,000.00
The Pharmacy Guild of Australia – $5,000.00
The Pharmacy Guild of Australia – $3,300.00
Pfizer Australia Pty Limited – $2,750.00

Total Receipts:$372,598.00