Kerry Packer may have been Australia’s richest man but for many years
his interests have donated less to political parties than the next two
richest Australians, Frank Lowy and Dick Pratt. And so it was in 2004-05 when the Packer interests weren’t at all generous.

The most notable contributions were $15,000 from Burswood to the WA
Labor Party and $45,800 in “other receipts” from Channel Nine for the
NSW Liberals which might have been some form of advertising discount.
The Packer family’s meat joint venture Teys Bros gave $10,000 to the
Federal Libs but after that it was thin pickings, although you can
never be absolutely sure given the avalanche of information that was
dropped at 9am this morning.

Dick Pratt was as generous as ever to the Liberal Party giving $200,000
to the Federal division while the ALP got $100,000. It will be
interesting to see if these continue to flow as the ACCC drags him
through the courts for allegedly running a cartel with Amcor.

Frank Lowy also likes to look after both sides as Westfield Capital
gave $195,000 to the Federal ALP and his private company Croissy
delivered $175,000 to the Federal Liberals.

Colourful Sydney property billionaire Lang Walker was prominent as
usual, giving $100,000 to the Federal Liberals but nothing to Federal
Labor, while fellow property mogul John Gandel gave almost $200,000 in
total but it was spread around the parties and different divisions.