People in glass caves shouldn’t through
You really had to watch it to get the full effect, but it was amusing
to see Alby Schultz have a little difficulty with the word “Neanderthal” on the
7:30 Report last night. A tip, Alby. Try “troglodyte”. “Caveman” is even easier.

Not what they meant to say: A curious
release from the NSW Libs’ website:
“Shadow Minister for Mental Health and Youth Affairs Gladys Berejiklian MP said
she was short-changing funding for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
in NSW.”

Mr President: As Warren Mundine settles
into his new job as Labor Party president, we hope no pollywatchers missed this
almighty sledge in the National Indigenous Times.

Whatever were they thinking: Parliament’s
back next week and it will be on to serious matters, but there’s still time for
one bit of summer levity. Some summer levity that may prove useful to
honourable members and senators when they sledge each other – the Crikey What
Were They Thinking at the Time or Decisions to Haunt You to Your Political
Grave List. A list for stunts like:

  • Lex Downer in fishnets
  • Peter Costello dancing the Macarena
  • Paul Keating in the native headdress
  • Cheryl Kernot and that boa
  • Any APEC wardrobe…

You get the drift. Nominations to [email protected]