By Stephen Mayne

The regular Tuesday morning chat with
ABC Tasmania morning host Tim Cox kicked off for 2006 today. We had an
interesting discussion about the rising influence of the Apple Isle on
the world stage.

After all, the MCC has just appointed
Tasmania’s former cricket captain Keith Bradshaw to take up the reins
at Lord’s as the new CEO. The BBC, The Times and The Daily Telegraph have all covered the appointment.

you’ve got future Danish Queen Mary Donaldson’s rising standing in the
European royalty pecking order, and even events like Tasmania’s
licensing of Betfair causing upheaval in racing across the country.

to that the deification of Boonie by these latest Foster’s ads, Ricky
Ponting’s ongoing strong performance as Australian captain, the
presence of Gunns in the ASX 200 and even the ACCC’s partial Tasmanian
rationale for blocking Toll’s bid for Patrick and we have plenty of
examples of Tasmania’s rising power and prominence.

Glenn Milne over-cooked the argument in The Australian
on Monday, but is certainly true that the Tasmanian forestry debate was
a vital factor in Labor’s loss at the 2004 federal election. And as
this Tim Cox interview
demonstrates, another Tasmanian, Michael Palmer, is CEO of the world’s
biggest sporting event, the 2010 soccer world cup in South Africa.

By jingo, not since it produced Errol Flynn, has Tasmania enjoyed such
global pre-eminence. Aunty is getting all excited about podcasting
these days and you can listen to this morning’s “Crikey Chronicles”
with Tim Cox here if you like.