Have you noticed The Bulletin’s near
religious-attachment to the ‘innocence’ of Schapelle Corby? Garry
Linnell’s dumbing-down correspondent Paul Toohey is looking more and
more ridiculous in his strident blokey defence near every week of the
Corbsters and Our Schappelle. What next? ‘I Slept With Our SchapelIe
and She Says She’s Innocent!” Its one thing to try and build
circulation in the burbs but Toohey’s reporting (if that’s what it is)
is long on overwritten blokey aphorisms but short on facts and reality
in his naked quest to be an ocker Hunter S, while he purports to
demolish other’s reporting. Oh, so what is it Paul, you say it so,
therefore it must be true? The Bull’s earlier analysis of this was
quite sound but now in their pursuit for eyeballs beyond their usual
demographic, The Bull embarrasses itself; doesnt put on any circulation
and alienates its core readership who can take only so much Ros and
Mercedes. Yes, Kerry was right to be mindful of Parramatta Man but not
even he can stomach more of this nonsense..if you must analyse it, do
it properly. Otherwise, move on guys..

Luke Hughes