summary of the Chris Chapman appointment (which you praised!) was an incredibly
lazy repition of the official PR release.
In fact you should look at these facts: (1) he was Chris Skase’s right-hand-man
in Brisbane during the late 1980s when hundreds of millions in company funds
disappeared amid extraordinary maganement personal extravagance; (2) when he
came back to Sydney & Stokes took over Channel 7, he lasted only a short
time before Stokes became fed-up with his management incompetence; (3) he left
Stadium Australia after shocked bankers (think it was ANZ) suddenly discovered
the project was bankrupt & needed immediate recapitalisation; (4) he was on
the board of similarly broke Imax Cimema at Darling Harbour in Sydney (again
needed to be bailed-out at last minute to avoid bankruptcy); (5) he left
[email protected] after it lost a fortune & partners killed it to avoid further
massive losses; (6) he left Dalyrmple Coal Loader after 12-month controversy
with dozens of ships queued off Qld coast unable to load coal without weeks of
multi-million losses due to management disaster; (7) has left Babcock &
Brown just ahead of sacking, after spending last 6 months at loggerheads with
B&B Board.
He is a classic case of someone who repeatedly looks good on his CV (& to
potential employers who don’t do their homework) but then the truth hits latest
emploiyer when it is all too late.


Probably too late for you to use this but Chris Chapman
was in the running for the job of Managing Director of the ABC last time

He was between gigs at that point. I had a chat to him
about it at the time and he thought he was in with a chance. Had
a bit of a pause before he got the job at Prime Intrastructure.
He may well be kicking himself that
he has jumped too early from Babcock and Brown, as he might have had a chance with
the ABC job this time. Anyway background for some other time. Cheers, Helen