Misha Ketchell writes:

Nine’s new logo (see right) was unveiled yesterday – sans balls – and
like so much at the network these days it’s got a back-to-the-future
retro feel, as The Ozreports today. (To see just how retro, compare and contrast with the station’s very similar 1980s logo (far right), which also put the balls to one side and favoured an electric blue colour).

The new logo is the brainchild of
Bruce Dunlop, a former creative director from the network in the 1980s
who was brought back by Sam Chisholm to spruce up the graphics.
So…millions of dollars’ worth of rebranding later, the logo looks a lot like it did when Dunlop
last worked with the network.

According to The Oz there had also been some loose talk about changing
the station slogan, with five options considered before the decision
was taken to stick with the current “Still the one” tagline because,
according to creative consultant Jens Hertzum, “if it’s not broke don’t
fix it.”

But Nine insiders say the real reason the tagline wasn’t changed is
because its unchangeable – any attempt to drop “Still the
one” would put the fear of God into staff, advertisers and
rival networks that Nine had finally blinked in the ratings battle.
Still, it’d be interesting to hear what alternatives the creatives came
up with. Perhaps they considered running with something a bit more
accurate, like “hanging on to number one for
dear life.”

If you’ve heard any of the five options email [email protected]