HIH to the Liberal Party in its dying years

James Hardie whilst cheating asbestos victims – cheques were handed back during 04 campaign

Karl Suleman’s generosity to Labor before collapse of Froggy.com

Village Roadshow’s huge donations to the Libs (more than $2m) in mid to late 90s.

Rob Gerard and his Chinese business partner hiding their identity behind SA Lib donations in the early 90s.

Joe Gutnick giving heaps to Labor before Centaur collapsed owing hundreds of millions

Rum Corp in NSW with gaming and liquor giving huge amounts over last 4 years to Labor in NSW

Dick Honan’s Manildra gave 360k in 01-02 as ethanol policy was running hot

Westfield’s $3m to Labor over past decade especially Labor in NSW – will it continue after Orange Grove saga of 2004

Latham famously banned tobacco donations – did the Libs keep taking them in 04-05

How much did bank cartel give in an election year – Latham’s policy was a little anti-bank?