At least unlike Family First, they’re upfront with
their beliefs… Launched over the weekend: the Secular Party of Australia.

Yup. No kidding. They’re a group of humanists
aiming to counteract the intrusion of religious views into political life and
culture in Australia. They

The Liberal Party
is too socially conservative

The ALP is too
economically conservative

The Greens are too
socialist economically

The Democrats are
confused about their role

All these parties
condone the unwarranted imposition of religious views.

Unlike the other
parties the Secular Party is:

both socially
liberal and economically liberal

the only party
which stands for separation of Church and State.

And they push a few interesting buttons on their
site with their aims:

To bring about a
true separation of Church and State in Australia

To promote
secularism world wide

To stand for human
rights and social justice, affirming the dignity of each human being

To support the
maximisation of individual liberty and opportunity consistent with social and
environmental responsibility

To defend freedom
of expression everywhere

To espouse
policies which support a rational approach to human problems

To promote the
fullest use of science for human welfare

To gain and
maintain for non-religious people the same rights that are enjoyed by members
of religious bodies

To promote the
election to Parliament of Secular Party endorsed candidates.

The Secular Party of Australia stands for
constitutional separation of church and state, a secular republic, reproductive
choice, recognition of same sex de-facto marriage, recognition of gay families,
sex education, anti-homophobia education, and end to anti-discrimination
exemptions for religious schools and businesses, embryonic stem cell research
and voluntary euthanasia.

No doubt they like a good argument, too. It will be
interesting to see the reaction to this one.