Over the weekend I had more time to think about Julia Gillard’s
comments in The Age’s (melbourne) magazine about one P Costello.

For those who missed it:

Which Melbourne person would you least like to sit next to on a tram? Peter
Costello. Maybe not, that’s a bit mean, poor old Pete. I do occasionally have to
sit next to him on planes, whereupon he makes many jokes at my

Is it your ambition to be prime minister? I didn’t used to sit
in kindy dreaming about it. I’m pretty sure Peter Costello did.

Obsession? Try
this theory on for size. The pair is reprising the sexual tension of The X-Files.
Gillard is the scarlet-haired sceptic Scully, while Costello is Mulder, holding
fast to his beliefs in the face of massive bureaucratic subterfuge and
conspiracy directed from the very top – his beliefs that one day he will be
prime minister.