Many Crikey subscribers would have seen the unofficial
version of The Latham Diaries, the one that did the rounds last year when the real
thing broke, obviously written by some insiders.

The same
group, we understand, has been working on a follow up. A biography, we’re
told. A biography of one of John Howard’s more controversial ministers.
Fictional, but controversial. And still red-hot legally.

Some of
it has ended up coming our way. The book concerns “the Honourable Senator
Kalley Kendall Kozek” who was “without question the most divisive, polarising and
controversial figure in Liberal Party history. There’s never been a more talked
about, written about, argued about or lusted after female politician in
Australia.” And what’s it like? Well, we’ve been given these testimonials:

A brilliant, lucid and powerful historical
portrait…full of warm and intimate vignettes…a compelling and accurate insight
into the politician we affectionately knew as Kalley the Barbarian.

Janet Allbitchson, The Weekend Rupert

Part biography, part drivel, Walter Slurry’s
account of the life and times of Prime Minister John Coward’s most feared
Minister is a genuine page turner, if you read it in a hurricane that is.
Peerless Hackerman, The Daily Telegrate

I have it on good advice that this is another
Walter Slurry masterpiece – however if that turns out not to be true and this
is nothing more than bad taste toilet humour aimed at ridiculing conservatives,
then my official comment is that I only know what people tell me.

Philip Ruddock, Listener

Arguably the finest and most honest expose of
Senator Kalley Kozek and the Coward Coalition Government 1996-2010 that I’ve
ever had read to me.

Pauline Hanson, Dancer

Slurry writes a gripping narrative…I
couldn’t put it down…suggest the printer uses less glue on the spine in
subsequent pressings.
Alexander Dowager, Former Foreign Affairs

This is the way Australian history should be
re-written…An important addition to revisionist bibliography and a first rate
piece of investigative denialism.

Keith Windschutel, Author of The Fabrication
of Australian Historians

Fascinating…Brilliant and thoroughly insightful…Funny…Prophetic…Smirking…and that’s just the bits about me I’m referring to.
Peter Bordello, Federal Treasurer 1996-2010

Stunning…absolutely awesome…probably the
best I’ve ever seen. The text? Mate I can barely read – I’m talking about those
centrefold pictures of Kalley…

Shane Worn, Cricket Commentator

After not reading Explanatory Memorandum, I’m
going to sue the pants off Walter Slurry, and get the shirt off his back too.

Ellen Jones, The Ellen Jones Telstra Show

Ask my wife what I think about it.

John Coward, Prime Minister

Whatever Mr Coward said, I’ll be agreeing
with it in my column tomorrow.

Miranda Devein, Sydney Moaning Herald

details as they come to hand.