And to
think that we thought The Holy Grail was sleazy enough already!

Weekend Australian
reports that the Philippines embassy has raised claims Filipino
“guest” workers brought to Australia on skilled migration visas are being
exploited by employers demanding long hours on below-award wages:

An embassy official told The Weekend Australian it
was investigating three “confirmed cases” alleging abuse of imported Filipino
chefs and professional staff working in upmarket Canberra
restaurants and bars.

Yesterday, the Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous
Workers Union lodged complaints on behalf of three Filipino workers with the
ACT’s Human Rights Commissioner and served claims for underpayment of between
$7,000 and $16,200 on their respective employers.

The union claims half of the 30 Filipinos who
arrived six months ago to work in Canberra
restaurants have reported gross underpayment for 50- to 60-hour weeks.

And one of the bars? “Favoured political haunt The
Holy Grail,” according to union organiser David Bibo.

Discussion of the story is underway at the national
capital’s most boisterous blog, The Riot Act.