The whole Crikey adventure has thrown up a few interesting speaking
gigs over the years and the open brief for next Sunday morning is no
exception: spend one hour telling 40 new Victorian mayors about the
challenges that lie ahead.
Hmmm, what to say?

Having established the link between journalism and politics in our
comprehensive lists, as preparation for this gig, we may as well do the same for local government.
Journalism is one of the fastest ways into politics, especially if you
only want to be a staffer, but does being a mayor or councillor make it
a lot easier to break into Federal or state parliament?

Here are 11 names to get this list going:

Lyn Allison:
councillor in Port Melbourne 1992-94 and now leader of the Democrats

Greg Barber: the first Green mayor in Victoria (City of Yarra) and is a
Green certainty for the Victorian Upper House in the Northern Metropolitan
region after this year’s state election

Michael Caltabiano: elected to the Queensland State Parliament seat of
Chatsworth in a by-election last year and before that was a Brisbane City Councillor for the Liberals

Michael Crutchfield: Labor member for South Barwon in
Victorian Parliament, former Geelong Mayor and a former union delegate
of the United Firefighters Council

Mark Latham: from Mayor of Liverpool to Federal member for Werriwa and Labor’s alternative prime minister

Jane Lomax-Smith:
former Adelaide Lord Mayor and now Education Minister in the Rann Government

Clover Moore: councillor in Sydney and South Sydney from 1980-87
and then independent member for Bligh from 1988 and also Lord Mayor of
Sydney for the past two years

Kate Reynolds: Mount Pleasant councillor and now Democrat member in the South Australian Parliament

Frank Sartor: the former Lord Mayor of Sydney is now Minister for Planning in the Iemma Government

John Thwaites: South Melbourne mayor in 1991-92 and now Victorian deputy premier and Water Minister

Reginald ‘Spot’ Turnbull: A former Lord Mayor of Launceston and Australia’s first independent
senator, plus Tasmanian Treasurer until dismissed from Parliament in 1959

This list will surely finish up close with close to 100 people so send all corrections
and additions to [email protected] and we’d also love some free
advice on what to tell all these new mayors on a training weekend after
last November’s local government elections in Victoria.