The National Party’s Senate deserter – or someone with a Julian McGauran
fetish – has set up a website which promises to reveal all about the next
chapter in his political career. It is, suitably, empty.

Just like Mark Vaile’s words, as he seeks to calm the Nationals horses in the
wake of the McGauran fiasco. His flaccid response to his party’s
humiliation may be an attempt at appeasement, but it’s hard to see how they’ll
wash in Queensland, where national fury at this week’s events is lighting up the
bush telegraph.

says he understands the anger within the Party over losing a Senator to a
dastardly Liberal plot, then losing a minister.
But speaking on ABC radio this morning, he sounded doleful – and
powerless; like a bloke asking for lenient treatment for the fella who shot his
kelpie, stole his ute and burned down his farmhouse.

How’s this for a limp

Do you agree with the criticism by Nationals Senators at the PM’s dumping of
National Party’s ministerial spot?

Vaile: Today’s Wednesday,
this all happened on Monday, the ministry has been announced yesterday. What
everyone needs is to take a deep breath and just have a look objectively at the
future, at what we need to do for our constituents…

Do you think McGauran’s timing was malicious? If he’d waited just five days you
could have kept your fifth ministerial position?

Vaile: I don’t know. You’d
have to ask Julian that question…

we have ever heard such soft and cuddly twaddle words from old style – and very
effective – Nationals leaders like Ian Sinclair and Black Jack McEwen? Not bl**dy likely.