Yesterday’s reshuffle might well
be overshadowed in today’s media by the repercussions from Julian McGauran’s
defection (well, return… he was president of the Young Libs some time back
prior to going hillbilly).

Individually, none of Cossie’s supporters got looked after much at
all, which for the conspiracy-minded could mean that the PM either
thinks that Cossie is not a serious threat, or that he wants to keep a
stone in the Treasurer’s shoe.

Cossie meanwhile, has
not been kicking too many goals lately and will be motivated to raise his game
and/or slow up the competition. He’s under a lot of pressure from all over to
drop taxes again, and in Henry’s view has been fenced into a corner – damned if
he does (running a step behind the debate, not enough decent policy initiative
to be a decent leadership alternative etc.), and damned if he doesn’t. If he
wants to keep himself in the leadership frame, he has some work to

Cossie had to know
that this reshuffle announcement was coming, and would have known – or could
have guessed – the timing. He took a phone call on Monday from then Nationals
Senator McGauran the day before the reshuffle announcement. Henry’s shadowy
sources are speculating that the timing of McGauran’s announcement might be no

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