Michael Pascoe writes:

What do Channel Nine and the NSW Police Force
have in common? No-one knows who is in charge amidst political interference
from on high.

Commissioner Ken Moroney is looking as lost
as Sam Chisholm as he flips and flops in the Laura Norder spotlight. How’s this
for a gem of a paragraph from this morning’s SMH:

The Police
Minister, Carl Scully, said that if the Police Commissioner, Ken Moroney, had
not decided to reinstate the former Strike Force Enoggera head, Dennis Bray, after
sacking him on Friday, he may have “prodded” him to do so.

Ah right, now
it’s hapless Scully calling the
operational shots if he doesn’t like what he reads in the papers or what he
wants to hear about himself on talkback radio.

Funny, I thought
that was Morrie Iemma’s job.