Our Prime Minister seems to have a low key but
nicely dry sense of humour. Just have a look at the transcript of his presser announcing the new look Ministry.

No, not the bit about Malcolm Turnbull deserving “a
run in the paddock.”
Look at his response to a question on Julian McGauran’s future: “that
pre-selection won’t come up for another four or five years, ask me then.”

So John
Howard still intends to be in a position where we’ll want to know his opinion on
matters like that in four years’ time? This must be a reshuffle for the long
term, then.

members out and 17 new bods in a new front bench team – with the Nats down one.

Gordon in The Agesums it all up best:

This is
a cautious, incremental and almost procedural revamp, with little change at the
top and an emphatic message to newcomers that they will have to
wait their turn.

is very little for Peter Costello’s supporters, a strong emphasis on
consolidation and the distinct impression that John Howard is digging in for a
very long innings…

chose not to promote Costello supporters such as Christopher Pyne, Bruce Baird
and George Brandis, who would be in the ministry if capacity was the sole

Poor Petey-poo (but more on that later).