Rupert’s at it again.
The world’s most powerful media owner has found a new political leader
to play with – Britain’s recently installed Conservative Party leader
David Cameron.

According to the London Independent
Murdoch has urged Cameron to “commit the Conservative Party to a
Thatcherite tax-cutting agenda to win the next election.” And the
proprietor of The Sun and The Times – “whose influence
is credited with helping Tony Blair and New Labour win power” – has
“hinted that he would be prepared to switch support to Mr Cameron’s
style of Conservatism if he adopted tax cuts.”

The Independent reports:

The support of The Sun would be a tempting
prize for Mr Cameron. Mr Murdoch complained that Britain under New
Labour was “overtaxed and I think business is suffering. I think this
year is going to be a very tough year. We think in the newspaper
industry it is very challenging.”

Mr Murdoch said he had “a
couple of charming meetings” with Mr Cameron. “He is very bright. He
has put together a more impressive front bench than there was before,”
he said.

But he warned: “It seems to be all about image. I would
like some facts and real policies rather than just a lot of almost
throwaway positions they take to try to change their image.”

Let’s hope David Cameron enjoys his relationship with the real power in British politics.