The departure of three more ministers and the forthcoming tenth
anniversary of the Howard Government poses an interesting question –
just how many former Ministers are there and do they out-number the
current 30?

Well, we’ve managed to come up with 32 former Howard ministers as follows:

Richard Alston, John Anderson, Larry Anthony, Brownyn Bishop, John Fahey, Tim Fischer,
John Herron, Robert Hill, Jackie Kelly, De-Anne Kelly, David Kemp, David
Jull, Ian McDonald, Ian McLachlan, John Moore, Judi Moylan, Jocelyn Newman, Warwick
Parer, Kay Patterson, Geoff Prosser, Peter Reith, Bruce Scott, John
Sharp, Jim Short, Warwick Smith, Alex Somlyay, Andrew Thompson, Warren Truss, Wilson Tuckey, Danna Vale, Darryl
Williams, Michael Wooldridge.

This shows a good deal of turnover at the top, which doesn’t really
matter if the incoming talent is better than those who depart. The
first Hawke ministry was said to be the best in 13 years of Labor due
to the presence of people like Peter Walsh, Lionel Bowen, Neal Blewett
and Bill Hayden.

The decision to leave Malcolm Turnbull and Andrew Robb out of the
Ministry means it has probably gone backwards and is now arguably the
weakest Howard team we’ve seen in ten years, albeit with a competent and
entrenched team at the top. Labor had a little bit more continuity
overall, although not in
the three key posts of Prime Minister, Treasurer and Foreign Ministers
where there has been no change for the Howard Government.

The only uninterrupted ministerial survivors from the first Howard Ministry are John
Howard, Peter Costello, Philip Ruddock and Alexander Downer, whereas
after ten years, the previous Labor administration could claim Kim
Beazley, Gareth Evans, John Button, Brian Howe and John Dawkins in the same category.

After ten years in office, Labor had probably not churned through 32
Ministers like John Howard, although we have come up with 30 names
after 13 years and we might have missed a couple:

Neal Blewett, Lionel Bowen, John Brown, Robert Brown, John Button,
Barry Cohen, John Dawkins, Michael Duffy, Wendy Fatin, Arthur Gietzelt,
Don Grimes, Alan Griffiths, Bob Hawke, Clyde Holding, Ben Humphries,
Chris Hurford, Barry Jones, Ros Kelly, John Kerin, Peter Morris, Gary
Punch, Graham Richardson, Susan Ryan, Gordon Scholes, David Simmons,
Peter Staples,
Tom Uren, Peter Walsh, Stewart West, Mick Young.

If you fancy checking the numbers, Wikipedia has kindly listed the first Hawke Ministry, third Hawke Ministry, first Keating Ministry and second Keating Ministry along with the first, second, third and fourth Howard ministries.

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