This is huge news and needs to be investigated and publicly exposed…..

The Salvation Army one of Australia’s leading charities and several other
prominent private and charitable Job Network providers are currently being
investigated for fraudulently obtaining Commonwealth Funds from their

Rumor has it that The Salvation Army Employment Plus and other providers have
altered client classifications by falsifying client information records and
increasing the level of disadvantage of unemployed people to ensure they receive
the full funding available under the Job Seeker Classification Instrument

A consultant from one organisation has suggested that sometimes his clients
had “forgotten” that they were drug users and recently released prisoners so he
would “remind” them to ensure they would have additional money in their job
seeker account, increased sign up and outcomes fees for their organisation. This
also allows individual Job Network business sites to maintain their star rating
which is the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations performance
management tool.

Rumor also suggests Employment Plus have routinely trained their employment
consultants to ensure they reassess new clients and alter JSCI records to
increase sign up funds and future outcome payments available to the

Figures coming from sources within Department of Employment and Workplace
Relations suggest The Salvation Army is the worst offender with approximately
$20 million dollars…. Yes that’s right $20 million dollars in the last three
years and auditors are looking back further and are expecting to uncover
additional cases, which have adjusted fees payable over and above the amount
that would have been paid if the original Centrelink classification were not

Mr. Howard, Minister Andrews, Minister Dutton and DEWR is not wanting this
made public during the current round of Employment Services Tenders as it may
effect public opinion and increase scrutiny of the allocation of business in
March. In addition it may also support previous calls for tighter controls on
business focused charity organisations that stand to profit from unemployed

Please explore and expose this story……


Is there an investigation? Phillip Knox – Media rep. Department of
Employment and Workplace Relations. Doesn’t know. Checking it out for

Aren’t deviating from standard response: normal practice for the department to chase up these matters.

Investigate any allegations. Don’t comment on specific allegations and investigations…


As per our discussion here is the media statement on behalf of the CEO.
Please let me know if I can help further.


The Salvation Army Employment Plus (TSAEP) always cooperates fully with
the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) regarding
their reviews of operational procedures.

These reviews are a normal practice for DEWR and on occasions result in
the recovery of payments received through inaccuracies under the ESC3

These reviews are an ongoing process undertaken by DEWR with all job network providers.