to Sid Maris in The Australian
today. History should have taught us a lesson – John Howard’s reshuffles have
always tended to be narrow.

The key
portfolios remain unchanged – Peter Costello in Treasury, Alexander Downer as
Foreign Minister. Nick Minchin is bidding to remain in Finance. And there’s no
talk that Attorney General Philip Ruddock – now, significantly, the last small
l liberal from the Fraser years left in the Parliament – will have a new job by
the end of the week.

the most exciting yet realistic reshuffle hint comes from Sam Maiden:
“Liberal Senator Nick Minchin’s
elevation to Leader of the Government in the Senate could set the scene for the
promotion of the first woman to the party’s leadership group.” Helen Coonan,
come on down?

And don’t read
anything into this picture – unless the real estate agent has some really good
ins to the Cole commission of inquiry.

And speaking of shuffling the deck… If you
like to gamble, then baby I’m your man. There’s no avoiding talk and discussion
over reshuffles, so how’s this:

King of
Spades: John Howard
King of
Hearts: Peter Costello
King of
Clubs: Andrew Robb
King Of
Diamonds: Malcolm Turnbull

Queen of
Spades: Alexander Downer
Queen of
Hearts: Amanda Vanstone
Queen of
Clubs: Bronwyn Bishop
Queen of
Diamonds: Helen Coonan

Knave of
Spades: Tony Abbott
Knave of
Hearts: Christopher Pyne
Knave of
Clubs: Bill Heffernan
Knave of
Diamonds: Wilson Tuckey

And the
Joker? Suggestions, please, to [email protected]