Stephen Mayne seemed surprised that the Murdoch press has so strongly endorsed No Pokies MP Nick Xenophon in South Australia. I am somewhat surprised that you are somewhat surprised.

The Murdoch Press will always support an anti-pokies campaigner. That and that alone is the reason for their strong support. And the reason for this is not morality on behalf of Rupert. Every time a pokies venue opens up it is discretionary spending that is hit first and yep, you guessed it, tabloid papers are not high on the must buy list. In fact, they are the very first items to be hit.

Stephen Mayne writes:

This is true up to a point, but Xenophon has been a highly effective MP and Sunday Mail editor Phil Gardner clearly shares the view of many that the South Australian Liberal opposition are in appalling shape. If anything his editorial seemed designed to put a rocket up the major parties and it certainly caused a lot of twittering around town.