I was watching the news coverage of the Heath Ledger water-pistol incident last week and recognised one of the culprits who had been apprehended by other media.

Early in 2005, I was working on a TV promo for the Home & Away
series for UK’s Channel 5. We were stationed at Palm Beach North with
all the main stars there and attracted the attention of a very
troublesome photographer, none other than the guy…in the Saturday
news coverage.

At the location, he was determined to point his
long lens at the girls in their swimsuits (particularly the one engaged
to a major tennis player) seeking a sale-able and provocative shot or
angle. His presence made the girls very uneasy and was spoiling our
production plans. I went to discuss the situation with this pest who
was adamant about his “rights” and was totally unreasonable.

long afterwards, he approached the filming area and tried to
familiarise himself with off-camera actors by pretending to be
“authorised” press. When asked to leave he barged through our camera
set up, pushed the props guy out of the way and did his best to destroy
our filming set-up.

I asked police to attend and warned him that
I had done this and that I would be laying charges: assault, public
nuisance and workplace infringements. As you can imagine, he bolted,
but not before he told/threatened me by saying that he knew my name and
he had friends who would find out where I lived…

Enough of
this, the press has to weed out these industry pests. First Kidman, now
Ledger. It’s like bird flu mutating when these low-lifes want to create
and dictate the daily news.