A Fairfax insider writes:

You might like to point out that every story on the front page of The Age this morning came out of the SMH. This,
along with staff shortages, has driven morale to a new low. It all
appears to have been a bit too much for senior reporter Ewin Hannan,
who couldn’t get a redundancy but who has resigned anyway to cross to The Australian.

Andrew “Chucky” Jaspan sent out the following note last night to all Age
editorial staff, raising questions about whether the recent round of
redundancies were a) legal, b) warranted (I’ve included the names of people who left the positions after being made redundant late last year):

As a consequence of recent staffing changes, The Age is seeking
expressions of interest for a number of vacancies: Night Editor (Peter Krien) Deputy Business Editor Senior Business Writer (David Elias) State Reporter (additional) Comm Games Reporter (additional) City Reporter Health Editor (Tom Noble) Workplace Reporter (Paul Robinson was Workplace Editor) Investigations Reporter (Ewin Hannan was a senior member of the team) Leader Writer Sunday News Reporter Editor – Creative and Media (Alice Ghent) Deputy Editor – Drive.