What are the folks at the Attorney-General’s department smoking? According
to Gerard McManus in today’s News Ltd tabloids, it must be something pretty
strong, as they’ve dropped the ball on party drug enforcement fairly

If the AG’s bureaucrats want to stop us indulging in recreational drug use,
then sitting around twiddling their thumbs and not spending the $4 million they’ve
got to stop us probably won’t help. They’ve just been given another bonus of $1
million – if they want us all to stop popping party pills, they could buy around
170,000 doses of ecstasy at standard prices. Or probably more than twice that,
when you consider the discount you’d get for buying in bulk.

Even though ecstasy use has apparently tripled since 1993, that’d still dry
up supplies enough to stop a lot of people popping a pill. And would be a hell
of a lot more effective than sitting around bemoaning how easy it is to buy

Let’s hope they’re working with the ADF – it’s important to know what to do
in a crisis.