As the world focuses increasingly on environmental
matters, the latest poll from Roy Morgan International shows that Australians are greener than Britons, Americans and New Zealanders.
In the week following the inaugural
conference of the Asia-Pacific Partnership for Clean Development and Climate in
Sydney, the latest data shows that Australia
leads New Zealand,
the UK and the US
in environmental consciousness.

Support for environmentalism is generally very high,
with almost nine-out-of-ten Australians (89%) agreeing that “If we don’t act
now we’ll never control our environmental problems” – compared with 75% of
Americans and 85% of Britons and New Zealanders.

And a further 65% of Australians agree that “At heart I’m an
environmentalist,” making them far more likely than Americans (57%) and Britons
(58%) to identify with the environmental movement. But we’re almost on par with
the 64% of New Zealanders who consider themselves environmentalists “at heart.”

Asked to respond to the statement, “Threats to the
environment are exaggerated,” 73% of Australians disagreed, compared with only
65% of Americans, and a similar 70% of New Zealanders and 71% of Britons.

The surprisingly strong results across Australia,
New Zealand,
the UK and the US, show that governments can “afford to be brave on measures to protect our environment,”
says Gary Morgan of the latest figures.

A further break-down of the results can be found on the Roy
Morgan Research website, here.