The latest edition of The Bulletin is out and there is no
mention of Kerry Packer’s legacy in any of the stories, but page 73
carries a big house ad which declares: “Due to incredible demand our
special tribute to Kerry Packer can now be purchased online at”

There is no mention of the additional print run of 50,000 to coincide
with the February 17 memorial service and a proposed one hour
advertising-free documentary on Channel Nine.

However, there is another leg to the Kerry Packer memorabilia industry and that is the February edition of The Australian Women’s Weekly, which TheBulletin
tells us in a full page house ad on page 13 will include “20 pages of
family photos. The very private Kerry Packer. His wife and daughter
share their treasured memories.”

Hmmm, this is where the mistress revelations will get interesting. So
far we’ve only publicly heard Ros Packer’s friend Rowena Danziger
declare that “she put up with a lot” over the years. I’ve heard Lloyd
Williams, executor of the Packer estate, say the same thing, so
exactly what have the Packer women told ACP’s flagship?

One suspects it will be a slightly different tone to Women’s Day’s
breathless declaration over four pages this week that Simone Warne has
taken up with Shane’s best mate, AFL footballer Aaron Hamill.

Despite the “on sale now” declaration in The Bulletin ad, we won’t see February’s Weekly until January 23, when Paul Lennon’s beautiful renovations will also be on display. Can’t wait.