Politics often produces shifting alliances but we’ve come across a
couple of very unusual developments in Tasmania and Victoria.

Pam Fratangelo has been endorsed as a Liberal candidate for this year’s
Tasmanian election in the seat of Bass, yet she
worked for many years as an electoral officer for Labor’s Racing Minister Jim Cox.

Cox wasn’t the most energetic of members, such that he used to send
Fratangelo out to glad-hand the constituents on his behalf. Bacon’s
office eventually ordered that she be moved on from Cox’s office but
now Cox is facing her as an endorsed Liberal candidate

Pam’s husband Gino
is a former Commonwealth Games weightlifter so she is fairly well known
in the electorate and still works in the Department
of Premier and Cabinet in an unattached capacity, which is also quite unusual.

Then you have the tale of former BRW reporter Georgi Stickels who in 1996 was the Liberal candidate in the Federal seat of Maribyrnong.

A quick read of the latest newsletter
from the Victorian Greens features a piece from none other than Georgi
Stickels, talking about a new members night at the Great Northern Hotel
in Melbourne. She’s the contact point for the Yarra Branch.

We’ve heard of people shifting between Labor, and the Greens and the
Democrats have picked up refugees from Labor and Liberal over the years,
but rarely does anyone go all the way down the spectrum from Liberal
candidate to Greens organiser.

We’ve also heard talk that the Greens have preselected a Pentecostal
Christian in the highly winnable South East Metropolitan region for this
year’s Victorian upper house. If so, what will the party do on
preferences with Family First in that seat?

Strange days indeed.