Here’s a nice comment on Greenpeace’s creditability from that hard right journal The Guardian, from their obit of one of the environmental group’s founder, Bob Hunter:

In 1971 he warned readers that an imminent American nuclear
test in the faraway Aleutian Islands off Alaska would cause tsunami and
earthquakes and probably devastate the Pacific west coast. “The US will
[now] begin to play a game of roulette with a nuclear pistol pressed
against the head of the world … no one will know what the
consequences will be,” he wrote.

And his role models?

“We began to see it as a media war,” Hunter was later to
write. “We had all studied Marshall McLuhan [and his ‘global village’
theory of mass communication]. I had pretensions of being a media
theorist in my own right. I had finished writing a book that suggested
that a radically new consciousness had evolved in the postwar period
and this has taken as its task the goal of creating “ecological
awareness” in the mass mind. I had predicted the emergence of [what I
called] the Green Panthers”…

“Madison Avenue and Hitler had changed the face of the world through
image projection; and the nascent environmental movement could hardly
attempt to do less,” he said.

Corporations and dictators. Niiiiice!