Subscribers to the Sydney-based ezine Media Day were
treated to this snippet of “news” in yesterday’s edition:

Emap Australia
Women’s Group publisher Marina Go has announced the appointment of Kristie
Rogers to the newly created position of Group Beauty Director. Rogers is
currently the Features and Beauty Director of New Woman. Her new role will
encompass New Woman, Slimming and Health, and the New Woman Beauty magazine.
Rogers will continue to work closely with New Woman editor Fran Sheen and will
also assist Slimming and Health editor Tara Ali on the development of a clear
beauty direction for that title.

A clear beauty direction? In the sense
of navigation, perhaps? To ensure them safe journey past the water spouts, sea
serpents, pirates and sharks that infest “lifestyle” magazines? If anyone has a
better translation for this piece of marketing tosh, email your suggestions to
Crikey’s Beauty Editor: [email protected]