Democrats Senator Andrew Murray writes:

It was interesting to read of the 22 Australians who have had their
Orders of Australia stripped from them because they
were later understood to have been unworthy. Good on the Federal
Government for doing so. Then ask yourself why they will take no action
on the honour wrongly bestowed on the Christian Brother, Francis Paul

In the August 2001 Senate Community Affairs References
Committee report on child migration Lost innocents: righting the record,
recommendation 4 states: That in
accordance with the Statutes of the Most
Excellent Order of the British Empire
, the Commonwealth Government
initiate the process for Francis Paul Keaney’s membership of the Most Excellent
Order of the British Empire to be cancelled and annulled.

From my MPI speech (p.27375) on this matter: “He was a
sadist who indulged in criminal assault and who knowingly protected rings of
predatory brothers engaged in systemic long-term sexual assault on defenceless
children.” He was an evil priest who
brutalised young boys under his care at
Town in Western
Australia in the mid-twentieth century. Every word read
and uttered about Keaney during the course of the 2001 Senate Community Affairs
References Committee inquiry into child migration revealed just what a monster
of a man he was.

The evidence led to a unanimous committee recommendation that
the Order of Australia bestowed upon him in 1947 for his work with orphans be overturned, because it was a shameful lie. A
monster was unjustly honoured. However, the Government rejected the recommendation on the basis that the award of
OBE ceased with Keaney’s death. What a nonsense
– it means the honour stands. They couldn’t even be bothered to try. And why? Because he was a churchman. My
efforts to apply pressure have just been stonewalled (p.225).