Crikey reporter Michael Newhouse writes:

By anyone’s
standards, upstart Baby Boomer radio station Vega has had a bad start
to life. Its ratings have been awful, with the station averaging just
10,000 Sydney listeners in its first survey, and they don’t look to be
getting any better.

So today’s news that Vega’s owner, DMG
radio, has dumped its ad agency Saatchi and Saatchi in favour of FNL
Communications hardly came as a surprise.

reports that FNL Communications contacted DMG late last year – shortly
after its disastrous opening ratings survey – and put forward a new
advertising proposal for the struggling station.

“We read,
like everyone else, that Vega’s ratings weren’t that great – so we
contacted them,” FNL Communications chairman Graham Nunn told AdNews. “They came back to us the very next day with a response. They did some research, put some thinking into it…”

Having obviously sparked some interest, DMG then got on the phone to
Saatchi and Saatchi to see whether they could come up with a fresh
campaign to beat FNL’s hostile shot at the contract. They couldn’t. And
on Christmas Eve came the news that DMG had dropped Saatchi and Saatchi
and hired FNL.

And they’ve wasted no time trying to turn the station around. Nunn confirmed to AdNews they had just finished shooting some new television promos for the station, due to air in late January.