The good folk at Australian Radio Network (ARN) Melbourne station
Mix 101.1 aren’t saying too much, but breakfast duo Jane Marwick
and Paul Holmes have been given the boot.

“They’re not here anymore,” a Mix spokeswoman told Crikey,
adding that only the ARN Melbourne’s general manager Steve Smith could

Soon after came Smith’s unimpressive attempt at
elaboration, in a statement announcing the changes. “The current breakfast hosts of Paul Holmes and Jane
Marwick will be leaving and will be replaced in the interim with a more
concentrated music format to be hosted by Simon Diaz,” it said.

Smith said it’s “part of the ongoing strategy of
rebuilding the show as a strong force on Melbourne radio.”

A radio industry insider said the removal of the
breakfast duo was part of a 2006 campaign by new ARN programming head honcho
Brad March – formerly of Austereo – to fix Mix.

It’s understood the pair were halfway through a
two-year contract stint at the station and that Holmes may still be retained in
some capacity by ARN. The ARN website, which usually lags in its updates,
has no mention of the pair today except for archived copies of their
biographies through Google.

The same website had claimed both Holmes
and Marwick would be back yesterday and even after they went on holidays last
month the station broadcast a “best of” series for a week.

Talented presenter Simon Diaz, one of ARN’s solid ratings
performers and drive-time host at Mix 101.1, is being moved to fill the
breakfast void and is likely to remain.

A report
in The Age way back in April last year made it clear their new role wasn’t
going to be a holiday after kicking off their first ratings period with a lowly
share of 4.1%.

The ousted pair has previously been at the top of
the ratings tree – Marwick at 96FM in Perth, Holmes as partner to Wendy Harmer
at 2Day FM in Sydney – neither rated as lowly as a four in those roles.

“The thing is having had a career and gone to the
top, and then all of a sudden you start again, I like it. I like the challenge
more than trying to stay at number one,” Holmes told The Age at the time.

But what about the challenge of
keeping your job?