Following the weekend news that former HIH director Ray Williams has
had his Order of Australia stripped from him, Crikey asked the
Australian Honours Secretariat, part of the Governor-General’s office,
for a list of all Australians who have had their Orders of Australia
terminated – all 22 of them. Where we can, we’ve included the reason
for the decision.

Brian Anders. November 1995

Reginald Austin. (Former champion athlete who pleaded guilty to fraudulently obtaining over $90,000 as a superannuation agent.) June 1999

Raymond Ayles. April 1998

Alan Bond
(Former billionaire, America’s Cup hero and Channel Nine owner was
sentenced to four years’ jail in 1997 after pleading guilty to
defrauding Bell Resources of $1.2 billion.) Feb 1997

Brian Burke.
(Former Western Australia Premier sentenced to three years’ jail for
stealing more than $122,000 in campaign donations) April 1995

Jack Diamond. February 1997

Clarence Gluskie.
(Disgraced psychiatrist who was found to have taken sexual advantage of
a vulnerable patient who was suffering from a marriage breakdown) June

Roque Hammal. January 2003

Keith Helgesen. November 2004

Noel Hobson. June 2002

William King. October 1993

Geoffrey McGibbon.
(Was awarded the Order of Australia for his services to the Royal
Lifesaving Association, but had it taken back last year after it was
found he lied about having served with the SAS in Vietnam) December 2005

Barrie Miller. April 1993

Raymond O’Connor.
(Another former Premier of Western Australia who was found guilty of
stealing a $25,000 Bond Corp cheque and served six months in jail)
October 1995

Kevin Parry. (FormerBond associate charged with stealing $75,000 from the Government Employees Superannuation Board in December 1993) May 1996

Neville Phillips.Nov 1994

Brian Quinn. (Former Coles Myer CEO who served 9 months’ jail after fraudulently obtaining cash to build his mansion.) June 1999

John Sweeney. June 1999

Alan Terrell. September 1994

Marion Watson.
(Respected Canberra professional awarded the Order of Australia medal
for her work as a drugs rehabilitation campaigner and administrator.
Arrested in 1998 after she was found to be trafficking heroin to
Canberra addicts, as well as nursing a $480 a day habit) February 2000

Raymond Williams.
(Disgraced former HIH director convicted of misleading shareholders and
currently serving four years in jail for his part in the insurance
giant’s collapse) December 2005

Gerardus Wykamp. June 1994