Kerry Packer was never a religious man, so there wasn’t a religious
element to his business empire. Morals never really never came into it,
as any examination of some of his soft-p*rn magazine titles over the
years would attest. He liked to gamble, understood the business from
both sides of the table and knew he could manage
the relationship with licensee Australian governments so the PBL empire
billions profitably building and buying up casinos.

But the same can’t be said for James Packer who is an enthusiastic
scientologist, a religion which claims to be about helping people
and against supporting people who hurt others. No matter which way you
look at it, casinos create great pain for many of their customers.

James Packer used to be able to take cover under his father to avoid
staring down this glaring conflict, but there’s no running away from
the issue now. Is James a committed scientologist who simply wants to help
people or is he more interested in inflicting pain and profiting
handsomely along the way? This might make for an interesting discussion at the next PBL AGM.

Then again, someone like Roger Corbett attends church every Sunday, yet
has no problem ruthlessly expanding Woolworths to the point where it is
now the biggest biggest poker machine and grog retailer in the country.
Clearly some business leaders are able to leave their morals at the
door as they go into work each day.