The Daily Telegraph today reported
that 2UE shock jock Steve Price has finally tied the knot with his
long-time partner Wendy Black, who doubles as Joe Hockey’s press
secretary. It sounded like a marvellous occasion:

The Mexican mouth, who switched from Melbourne airwaves in 2002 to 2UE’s
breakfast slot to take on the daunting task of challenging Alan Jones, tied the
knot on December 30 near Turin in a village that will host the freestyle skiing
event at this year’s Winter Olympic Games.

Adelaide-born Price, who turns 51 today, and his bride were
accompanied only by daughters Lucy, 8, and Kate, 7, in the wedding
party. The village’s mayor officiated at the nuptials and an
interpreter was also on hand for the occasion. The happy family then feasted on a five-course meal after completing all the

Mark Latham could be excused for starting a false rumour about Pricey
being up to his arm pits in foam and strippers at his bucks night in
the Italian village with none of his mates. This is what Latham told Lateline last year:

And, I tell you what, it’s not much fun explaining some of these smears and
disgusting things that are said about you to your wife, to understanding that
she had to stand there one day with the little boys around her feet watching
Steve Price, this galoot, on the Seven Network saying, “Here’s the bucks’ night
video, I’ve got it behind me, “I’ll pull it out, what do you think of that?” I
mean, this is just disgusting and horrible for a young family and we didn’t want
to be part of it anymore, we didn’t want to go through it anymore.

Pricey ended up apologising to Latham after admitting he was hoaxed.

The wedding news probably won’t improve the mood of Denise Eriksen,
second wife who was dumped in 1993 when the 162cm shock jock was
running 3AW and
took up with his most junior reporter. Eriksen is in charge of general
factual programming at the ABC and was considered a candidate to
replace Sandra Levy as head of television but that job went yesterday to Australian Film Commission CEO Kim Dalton. It was Levy who hired Eriksen in 2004 as you can see here.

Pricey is probably the only thrice married Australian who can claim
that he’s issued more defamation writs than had marriages. Our other
most defo-happy citizens, such as Alan Jones, Alan Bond, Joh
Bjelke-Petersen, Kerry Packer and Bob Hawke, were also colourful
characters but none have been down the aisle three times.