Hugo Kelly writes:

Paul Lennon’s
bumbling failure to stamp out the Crown payola story means his well-laid
plans for an early election are
doomed. Had Lennon admitted he made a blunder and apologised, maybe he would
have got away with it. But his clumsy attempt to blame a News Ltd and racing
industry conspiracy has only made him more enemies.

This is an
issue that must be tested in Parliament, otherwise the voters will surely boot
out Lennon over this. Which means no election before March at the

A media
release today by Liberal leader Rene Hidding highlights Lennon’s ongoing
problems. Now it appears Lennon has breached his own code of conduct:

must at all times avoid taking advantage of their official position for private
benefit. Public duties must be carried out objectively and without consideration
of personal or financial gain.

Government has adopted a Gifts Policy applicable to all members of Cabinet and
Parliamentary Secretaries. Its starting point is that gifts, other than token
items, should not be accepted…

looks like larger-than-life Lennon’s arrogance and hubris are starting to bite
him where it hurts.