Hugo Kelly writes:

We get some pretty important press releases across the Crikey political desk. This isn’t one of them:

2005 Psychic of the Year Awards Announced

Sydney, NSW – January 13th, 2006 – The 2005 Psychic of the Year Awards and the 2005 Psychic Hall of Fame Awards were officially announced today.

The awards were given in honour of the 22nd Anniversary of the founding of the Australian Psychics Association (APA).

A magazine called the ‘2006 Australian Psychics Directory’ has just been placed in news agencies around the country. Published by the APA, the directory lists psychics all over Australia whom people can count upon for a reliable reading.

We’ll give Athena Starwoman the benefit of the doubt and assume she predicted her posthumous “Psychic Hall of Fame” award prior to her untimely demise.