The Latham Diaries confirmed the goss – that the Labor Party came
bowling up to former Australian test captain Steve Waugh with an offer
of a safe seat.

Waugh talked about the offer on ABC radio
when he launched his autobiography last October, but said “I was asked
about my interest in politics and look, you know, I’m not a politician.
You know, I think there’s other people out there who have trained, who
have done the hard work to be politicians. I think it would unfair of
me to sort of say yes and jump straight in.”

Lots of sportspeople think they can play politics. Waugh’s comments
actually suggest he might be up to game. And, whaddya know? The rumours
are running again, that Waugh might be heading to the crease, that he
may contest the seat of Macarthur, south of Sydney.

He’d be up against another sportsman there, Pat Farmer, “A slow-talking
drone who made his name by running around Australia for charity,” as the Latham Diaries said. “I’ve nicknamed him Forrest Gump… The Liberal backbenchers love it.”

It would be an interesting and brave move. Farmer scored 59.5 per cent
of the two party preferred vote back in October 2004. But it’s probably
no worse than facing up to some of those Pakistani bowlers.