Crikey yesterday received a press release too big to ignore:

Serena Williams’ full behind has dominated front pages
today, with the former number 1’s sporting prowess taking a back seat
to heated debate about the proportions of her lycra-clad bum… Cosmopolitan Editor, Sarah Wilson, is available for interview about why a larger derriere is back! Cosmo’s February issue focuses on this season’s most surprising trend.

But Wilson isn’t the only editor getting mileage out of the story. On its front page, the Daily Tele (see right) reported that “Serena is back – and she’s bigger, if not better, than ever.” And Herald Sun
hack Mark Stevens revealed that Williams has “become the butt of jibes
about her weight two days into her Melbourne Park training regimen.”
The paper even wheeled out leading sports medico Dr Peter Larkins, who
used a piece of paper across the waist to split the photo of her body
in two. “If you look at the upper half, gee she looks in good shape,”
Larkins said. “If you put a sheet of paper over the top half and look
at the bottom, you’d think that person couldn’t be an athlete.”

Although it could look like Cosmo
is exploiting the Serena Williams physique to draw attention to its
societal investigation into on why “bottoms are back,” editor Sarah
Wilson said in an email to Crikey that she isn’t “using Serena to
publicise our bum story – not entirely.”

According to the Wilson, the real motivation for the Cosmo
media release was altruistic – with all the negative comments being
made in the press, she wanted to weigh in to promote a positive body

Cosmo is about “body love,” says Wilson, and she
only butted in because “I was a bit miffed so much attention was being
given to her a*se (too big? Sexy? Should she hide it?), when she’s a
bloody sportswoman!”